Sunday, September 14, 2008

A Good Day at Church

Today was a good day at church.

Of course, every day is a good day, when you get to go to God's house. But today was especially good. Here's why:

1 - I came into church, feeling like I was fully prepared. Sermon notes printed out, nothing to do but worship.

2 - The praise team started something new today, starting the early service early (yes, I did mean to say "early" twice) with informal singing of contemporary praise songs. I don't know if anybody else felt the Holy Spirit moving that early in the morning, but I sure did. It got me fired up and ready to go.

3 - Sometimes I feel like I preach well at one service, but not so well at another. Today I slipped into the groove that God carved out for me in both services.

4 - A potentially difficult problem had a solution that God presented--an answer separate from any of the solutions that the involved parties had had in mind. Not only a mutually acceptable solution, but actually a solution that's an answer to many people's prayers, and that everybody can get excited about! How often does that happen???

5 - Somebody joined the church today.

6 - Several people wanted to talk about being baptized.

7 - Somebody with the gift of encouragement asked me for ideas as to how she could give gifts, commit random acts of kindness, et cetera, to give a boost to local pastors. What a blessing!

I suppose there were plenty of other good things that happened today, but 7 just seems like a good number for me to bring it to a close. Sometimes you just have to celebrate when there's a good day at church! Praise God for His faithfulness!

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Lily said...

Nice post, but the smiley face pic is scaring me! LOL