Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Anne Rice and Inspiration

Thank God for Anne Rice!

Many Christians wouldn't say that, but I do. A few years ago, I was driving to a minister's hike on the Appalachain Trail, listening to her book Taltos on CD. As a pastor, I can't reccomend this book, as it was written during her pre-Christian days and reflects a lot that isn't edifying. But nonetheless, her book inspired me as a writer.

Full of otherworldly creatures ike vampires, witches, et cetera ((click here to see the origins of this wonderful phrase) mingling unnoticed in the lives of human beings, her books made me ask the question, "Why can't a Christian author write something similar?"

That got me out of my non-writing slump and got me started on my book Behold the Giant. (It's a whole other story why that book's not finished, but finished or not, that book and Anne Rice got me writing again after a decade or more of not writing.) So I thank God for Anne Rice!

Another reason to thank God for Anne Rice is because she's come back to the Christian faith that she left behind for most of her life! (Click here to see an article, "Anne Rice: An Interview with the Believer" by Gloria Gaither) I praise God for her return to faith!

Another reason to thank God for Anne Rice is that I've been piddling around with Death Angel and Behold the Giant for long enough. Now that Anne Rice is writing Christian books and considering writing a series on angels, that lights a fire under my butt to hurry up and finish these books! I'd hate for someone who has been an inspiration to me to also become competition for me--someone who already has name recognition, readership, millions of dollars, etc.

So thank God for Anne Rice, who jump-starts my writing a second time!


Lily said...

Glad to see Anne Rice was the one who told you if you had an idea for a book to get off your butt and work on it. :-P

Greg said...

Anne Rice's book was what inspired me to write Giant. Of course, it was my lovely wife who told me that I'm not a writer unless I write, thus inspiring me to write at all.