Thursday, December 11, 2008

A Must-See Movie For All Ages

If you want a great family-friendly movie that's a lot of fun and has a deeeper message for the older viewers, you absolutely have to watch Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium, which recently came out on DVD.

The incomparable Dustin Hoffman plays Mr. Magorium, the proprietor of a magical shop filled with all kinds of wonders. He is 243 years old, and has decided that he is about to die. So he leaves the shop to his helper, Molly, who is played by the adorable Natalie Portman. Molly doesn't believe that the shop will be magic for her, and when Magorium is gone, she has to learn to believe on her own.

This would be a great family or youth group Bible study starter, tying in John 15:9-17, and John 14:1-12.

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Lily said...

I think I'd much rather be Dustin Hoffman in your mind than Natalie Portman... b/c he's incomparable, and she's just adorable. Of course we both know I'm both, so it's a moot point.