Sunday, April 4, 2010

Partnering in Prayer - A Lenten Devotional - Day 47 - The Easter Horse

-->Day 47 – Resurrection Sunday!
Drawn to the Things of God

This morning we had a great crowd at Antioch’s Easter sunrise service. Someone estimated around a hundred people who gathered at the foot of the three crosses in the church’s side yard to worship our risen Savior. We also had an unexpected visitor. Before we began the service, I had asked the crowd to part in the center and create an aisle down the middle, to allow for a visual pathway and sound to travel to one of our physically challenged members who watched the service from his car. As I was preaching, and before I had even given an invitation, our special visitor appeared and started to make her way down the center aisle.

Our visitor was a chestnut Belgian draft horse that had apparently heard what was going on in the church yard and decided to investigate. She had been so drawn to what was going on at church that she escaped her owner’s fenced-in field and made her way to join us. One member said he thought the horse was about to walk down the center aisle and join the church. I said that if we were to baptize that horse, we’d have to sprinkle, instead of immerse!
Today we graduate from our covenanted time of praying together for an hour a day. Hopefully, you’ll be drawn to the things of God, just as that horse was drawn to church. “I don’t know what’s going on there,” the horse must have thought, “but I just have to go and see.” She escaped from the fenced-in yard that kept her life predictable and safe, in exchange for the adventure of Resurrection Sunday. So too I hope that you’ll exchange conventional religion for a resurrected prayer life that draws you deeper into the things of God. I pray that this is just the beginning of a renewed commitment to prayer—that you’ll keep on praying for an hour a day, and even more, now that you’re used to it. I hope that you’ll check out our new Wednesday evening Renewal Services. Maybe you’ll even seek God’s will for how you can begin a new prayer ministry in YOUR church.

Whatever God leads you to do, I hope you’ll be like this morning’s horse, so drawn to what God’s doing that you can’t stay away. May God lead you by His unfailing love, this Easter season and beyond!

(P.S.: Yes, we did get the horse back to its rightful owner.)

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for reuturning her. We missed her. She is defintly a speacial horse. She is accually a rescue horse we rescued a couple days before. We are glad to see she enlighted you and church. We will have to get her baptized now. Thanks all of us at Fubar Farm.