Monday, April 22, 2013

(((Drool))).........The Perfect Bible

Somebody recently asked me if I believe that the Bible is infallible.  I told him that I don't like that word, simply because it's been a fighting word for many years.  I prefer to use the word perfect.  And I gave him many scriptural reasons why I feel that way.  But there's another way to talk about the perfect Bible...meaning the print copy that works best for you.

I've searched high and low.  And out of all the print copies of the Bible available out there, I think I've found the perfect edition for me.  I don't think I've ever blogged about a specific Bible before...but there's a first time for everything.  I think this is just about the perfect Bible for preaching.

Hopefully, my next Bible is going to be this specific one.

This is the English Standard Version (my new favorite version), Cambridge Wide-Margin Reference Bible.  Click here for a review of the ESV itself, written by Rodney J. Decker.  It's an elegant translation that I have come to use most often.  The wide margins are perfect for preaching.  A few months ago, I totally transformed the way I preach, moving from twenty pages of PowerPoint notes to simply a few words jotted down in the margins of my Bible.  The difference has been dramatic, and totally liberating!  The problem is that the Bible I am using has margins that aren't quite big enough, and the type is too small.  What I've found is that not all wide-margin Bibles are created equal.  This one is the best!  I mean the best!  When preaching, you want to be able to glance quickly, not squint at the page.  With its extra-wide margins and readable font and type-face, this Cambridge Wide-Margin ESV Reference Bible would be perfect for preaching.  Plus, the cross-references down the center column make for engaging Bible study as you look up passages that have to do with the ones you're reading.

Click here to read J. Mark Bertrand's wonderful review of this Bible in his Bible Design Blog.  

You can click the links that follow for purchasing information.  This Bible comes in black goatskin leather, which retails for $194.68, and is out of almost anybody's price range.  But it also comes in brown bonded leather, which sells for $108.57 (still a bit pricey), but you can also get the black hardcover reference edition for $50.15.

Even if you're not a preacher, wide-margin Bibles are perfect for keeping your Bible study notes right beside the text that you're reading.  You'll be able to re-visit these notes and add to them for years and years!  A good study Bible with publisher's notes and commentaries is imperative for learning, but having a Bible where you can write your own notes is an invaluable tool.

Whether it's a special gift for me (hint, hint) or a quality purchase for yourself, I highly recommend the Cambridge ESV Wide-Margin Reference Bible.  It'll be the best Bible that you (or I) ever own!

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