Thursday, July 23, 2009


Don't worry if this says it's for mature's only a Saturday Night Live skit.

A bizarre thing happened to me yesterday. I was in a store in the Downtown Mall, and the lady behind the counter said, "You sure look like Richard Dreyfuss. You even sound like him." Then, with all seriousness in her voice she said, "Are you Richard Dreyfuss?"

I played with her a little bit, but finally said no, I'm not Richard Dreyfuss, but that father-son resemblance is striking, isn't it?

It wasn't bizarre that she thought I look like Richard Dreyfuss. I get that a lot, actually. The bizarre thing is that she thought I actually might be him. He's my dad's age! (That gives me a complex about the white hairs I've been finding in my beard.)

So what do you think? Do I look like Richard Dreyfuss? Here's a video of him.

Another comparison I get: People think I look like Adam Savage, from MythBusters. What do you think?

I also get compared with Timothy Busfield. Here's a clip from Byrds of Paradise, with Arlo Guthrie and Tim Busfield. He was also in the cast of Thirtysomething.

This blogpost is a bit of a response to my brother's blog post some time back. People told Paul that he looked like Richard now the game's on, Paul! Which of us looks more like him? We're going to let my blog readers decide! Click here to see Paul's blog post about his/my Doppelganger.

So, Dear Reader, whether you know me or not--whether you know my brother Paul or not--I humbly ask you to cast your vote by commenting on this post. Which of us looks more like Richard Dreyfuss? And who do I look more like? Dreyfuss, Savage, or Busfield?

Inquiring minds want to know.


Lily said...

And of course, the Adam Savage clip has to be entitled "fun with gas", doesn't it?

Tsk tsk tsk.

I think the facebook consensus is Adam Savage, though I still contend that you don't look like any of them-- they look like YOU.

Paul Bryant-Smith said...

You're Savage. I'm Dreyfuss. Now stop jerking our blog readers around. :)

Greg said...

Here are the comments my Facebook friends made, when they read my blogpost:

Stacy Lenore: Look at it this way, maybe all those celebrities are over in Hollywood with people going...

"You look Just like Greg Smith."

"ARE you Greg Smith??"

Bernadette M. Browning: NO it is the mythbuster guy, Adam Savage

Thomas Carman: Really you do look like timothy busfield

Dwayne Hicks: You're a dead ringer for Adam from Mythbusters.

Susan Gayda: I agree with the Adam Savage thing. I've always thought that!!!

Beth Ingram Smith: I think the lady at the store was smoking crack. I mean-- really-- you're 37. You don't look 61. She was a looooon.

And I don't think you look like any of those guys. They look like YOU.

Sandi Luthie: That was a compliment - take it cause as you get older they come less :)

Jennifer Adams: I don't think you look like Richard Dreyfuss so much, but you definitely look like Adam Savage from Mythbusters! Will and I comment on that a lot when we watch the show. Also, some of your expressions are so similar its kinda freaky. My favorite "Adam" saying is: "I reject your reality and substitute my own."

Nick Pierce: Either him or Woddy Allen!

Daniel Jordan: McGyver!

Greg Smith: Dan, you're just remembering my McGyver hair from the 80s. LOL

Lisa Norton Searcy: Well this is funny! You sound a lot like Adam Savage, and look a little like Richard Dreyfuss. So with that said, we all have a twin some where!

Paul Bryant-Smith said...

See!! All of your friends think that you look like Savage.


Greg said...

I'd rather be Savage than Dreyfuss anyday.

I mean...just compare the names...



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