Thursday, July 2, 2009

How Far Would You Go For Your Child?

We just celebrated Father’s Day last Sunday. Lately, I’ve been thinking of all the things my father has done for me—things I can never repay. My dad has certainly gone the extra mile for me through the years. Which makes me wonder: How far would you go for your child?

In Mark 5:21-43, we read about a man who was willing to set it all aside for his child. Jairus’ daughter was gravely ill, and he was willing to set aside all his responsibilities at work, and as the synagogue ruler, to meet her needs.

First, he sought Jesus out. That’s something that more men need to be willing to do. He didn’t sit on his hands and wait for Jesus to come to his house. He was proactive for his child’s sake. When fathers seek Jesus, miracles follow.

Next, he was willing to humble himself before God. He knelt at Jesus’ feet and literally begged for help. Most men would never humble themselves like that—because it means giving up control. It means trusting God to do what you cannot. I wonder—men who are reading this column—are you man enough to humble yourself?

Then, he was willing to ask for help. Most men would rather die than ask for help, because we’re taught to be strong and self-reliant—like the man who drives until he runs out of gas when he’s lost, rather than stopping to ask directions. We’re men—we don’t need anybody—right? Wrong! We need Jesus, and need to ask Him for help.
Along the way, a woman who needed healing distracted Jesus from following Jairus to his house. Jairus was willing to wait on Jesus. Are you willing to wait on Jesus, when prayers aren’t answered in your timing, or in the way you’d like? Waiting on Jesus yields our own lordship to His Lordship, and truly puts Him in charge.

Once they resumed their journey, messengers told Jairus that his daughter had just died. The Lord said, “Don’t worry, just have faith.” Later, Jesus said, “She isn’t dead, only sleeping.” Jairus chose to listen to Jesus, rather than listening to the voices of despair and hopelessness around him. When it comes to your children and their problems, whose voices do you listen to—the world’s, or God’s?

Jesus didn’t put Jairus in a waiting room and say, “You’ll have your daughter when I’m done.” No—he invited Jairus to accompany him in prayer. Jairus was willing to act with Jesus in faith. Jesus invites you to do the same for your children. The result was that he received his daughter back alive.

How far are you willing to go for your children? Are you willing to set everything aside, and seek Jesus? Will you humble yourself before God, and ask for help? Are you willing to wait on Jesus, and listen to what He has to say? Will you risk everything for your children, and act with faith on their behalf? Only when we do these things will we see the wonders of God.

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