Monday, October 5, 2009

Pics from this past weekend

This past weekend was super-busy for us. My 3rd child, Lydia, turned 12 this weekend. Here's a picture of her enjoying her birthday cake with friends. We had a house full of squealing, Hanna Montana-singing, nail-hair-and-makeup doing girls. It was great fun!

Yesterday (Sunday) we had a baptismal service at the Hardware River. We baptized 8, and re-affirmed baptism for 1. (I don't believe in rebaptism, but will dunk any previously baptized person who wants it, as long as they understand that this is to help them re-affirm their faith and remember their baptism.) One of the baptisms I did was in Spanish!

These are pictures of me baptizing my 7-year-old son Daniel. He was so excited!

Yikes! That water was cold!

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