Monday, January 7, 2013

Read the Bible Through in a Year

Last Sunday, I challenged my congregation to read the Bible through in a year with me.  I didn't ask them to do this as a New Year's resolution--because these get broken all the time.  I asked them to do this as a spiritual discipline, so we can grow together in God's Word, and be (literally) on the same page in our scriptural path.  Now, I've read the whole Bible many times--but never in a year.  I'm not good with that kind of discipline.  I have church members who have followed a yearly Bible reading plan before.  Some do it every year.  I congratulate them for it--they may be a resource for me as I go through the joys, but also the difficulties, of such a commitment. 

Since I'm not beginning on January 1 (to avoid even seeming like a New Year's resolution), I'm not following the dates on the schedule that I'm following.  I'm simply going through each day and each week as they come.  I hope you'll follow my blog and go through the Bible with me.  I'll be commenting about my readings each day. 

Now, I don't plan to write a scholarly commentary on all of this material each day.  There's no way that even the greatest scholar could (or should) write a comprehensive commentary on the Bible in a whole year.  Instead, I plan to write my musings on the readings--how the readings have registered with me each day, what God has shown me through these scriptures.  I won't necessarily write about each of the scriptures each day.  Today, my scriptures are Genesis 1-2; Mark 1; Psalm 19.  Since I haven't read these yet today, I don't even know yet what I'll write about.  (Check back later today to find out.)

Here's the schedule I'm using for this week:

 Week 1
􀂁 Genesis 1-2; Mark 1; Psalm 19
􀂁 Gen 3-5; Mark 2;
􀂁 Gen 6-8; Mark 3; Psalm 104
􀂁 Gen 9-11; Mark 4
􀂁 Gen 12-15; Mark 5; Psalm 148

Click here to go to, and download a copy of the schedule I'm using for the year.

Also, a church member suggested that since some people are more aural learners, listening to the Bible in a year may be better for them.  This doesn't follow quite the same schedule, but the discipline of going through the Bible in a year is the same.  Watch this video, and see if listening to the Bible is for you.  (Thanks, Kathy, for sharing this with the church.)

I hope this year is a blessed one for you--that God speaks to you through the pages of the Bible.  And I hope that like me, you'll come to "Love the Word."

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Anonymous said...

Hmmm...did you see the daily Bible verse for today? It says, "Like a city whose walls are broken down is a man who lacks self-control." Prov 25:28
Possibly a good verse to start off a new study so that God may work on our self-control or our self-discipline. Your challenge is a good one! I will try to keep up! Thanks for encouraging!